Case Studies

Omni Chain Hospitals

Omni Chain Hospitals, a specialized heart care facility with its acute and precision treatment system, needed a business transformation requirement confronted with the following challenges.

  • Let go a lot of paper records and siloed data repositories
  • Improve the access to patient data
  • Eliminate risks and errors in prescription and treatment


Implemented Cloud Computing Software as a Service (SaaS) model to provide software application as a service to the end users. This is a software that is deployed on a host service which is accessible via Internet.

Helps in administering patient data and gives access to patient data facilitated on cloud.

Simplified procedures to engage staff with online instruction and learning models with doctors assistance.

"Cloud SaaS is an immensely helpful software for us that has not only zeroed the human errors, but most importantly, it has created a better patient care system to enable our patients to receive accurate and timely administered treatment methods. We are glad and look forward to making use of such business transformation systems in future as well."

-Brighton, Chief Medical Officer, Omni Chain Hospitals.

Before the Business Transformation

This 300-bed heart care hospital with several specialty centers, operating with 75 heart specialists was huge and spacious in area and infrastructure.

Omni hospital known for its high and superior quality care had some system lacking areas and staff were finding it hard to manage with those areas. Especially with medical records.

Centered around heavy paper work and manual maintenance of patient records, the pandemic period brought in few additional challenges in attending to seniors and middle aged adult groups who needed everyday meticulous and intensive care.

"My ward rounds would take a long time." says Dr. Frank Cage, a visiting Cardiologist who used to find hard time acquiring lab test reports, radiology images etc.

To address these challenges, Omni Chain Hospitals chose Elite Exceed Business Transformation services.

New System of Cloud SaaS

Working with Cloud SaaS has not only simplified the process of accessing patient data, but also sharing and transferring of files internally ensures privacy and data protection, and has enabled a fast and speedy process of patient recovery.

This scope and access of Cloud SaaS is broadly gauged which is collaborative and quite agile in approach. Especially in medical field, where emergency care becomes sometimes most crucial, cloud SaaS is proactive and reminders caregivers to administer their responsibilities with effectiveness and efficiency.